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    Runs fine on OSX but crashes in Windows



      Runs fine on OSX but crashes in Windows


      I've been working on a database for several months now. I just spent three solid days pushing to the finish line. My database has been working fine in both OSX and XP environments. Today when I finished working on it, I tried running it in my XP environment and when I run certain scripts I get a non-descript, completely useless message that Filemaker Pro must close due to an error. The database works fine in OSX. It won't work on any XP computer. It used to work fine.


      The two scripts in question do completely different tasks. One redirects to another layout. The other exports records as an Excel file and emails directly from the SMTP server. I did no changes to these scripts in the past few days.


      Needless to say I am beside myself at the thought of having to redo three days work! The ability to produce databases that will run on either platform is what attracted me to FM in the first place.


      Has anyone else had cross-platform issues?



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          I haven't encountered this with a recent version of Filemaker, but I have seen cases where file and/or layout corruption was tolerated on one platform and not another.


          Here's a fairly quick test you can try.


          Recover the file and see if the recovered file crashes. (Test it even if the recover process reports "no problems found...")


          If the recovered file works, then best practice is to replace your current/damaged file with an undamaged back up file.

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            Thanks for the prompt reply, but I had already tried this. Still no success on the XP side using recovered files.


            Any other ideas?


            At this point all I can think of is to go back in time and run each successively older revision in XP until I find one that doesn't crash and recreate from there. The last resort would be to start with the revision I first began work on 3 days ago.


            *Sigh* - once again I am reminded why I prefer to work in OSX. 

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              I got lucky and found a revision that was only a half day's work to update. What worked was to author in the Windows environment. 


              Thanks for the help!