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    Runtime and MSI Installation



      Runtime and MSI Installation


      Using FM 10


      I am currently finishing an application.  When I run the program through the Microsoft Installer, it places the application in the c:/program_files directory.


      Problem is, at least with Vista, everything in that directory and sub directories is set by Vista as Read Only.  Thus I cannot create any files without going through and setting the directories to read/write.


      Can anyone give me advice on how to properly install the application?  Can I install the program and place the data file elswewhere?


      As always, thank you for your help.

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          Thank you for your post.


          You can place your data files anywhere.  The only requirement is that the files are read/write, so feel free to save the files to the desktop.  If you double-click any data file, it will launch FileMaker Pro.


          I am not familiar enough with the Vista operating system (I primarily use Windows XP) to override the read only attribute for the Program Files directory.  Anybody else?



          FileMaker, Inc. 

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             You can install it elsewhere but then only ONE user can access your solution. A standard program folder in c:\programs has limited access. Therefore, if you try to create a directory or write to a file, the directories and files are not really written in the program folder than into a "virtual store".


            So a runtime should write a copy of the bound file to the documents or preferences folder first and then launch this file. Whitout a file-plugin this is really a pain to do (but it can be done).


            Applications should not change anything in the programs/applications folder. Not under XP and not under OSX. As XP and OSX tolerate this no one seemed to care. this was OK with MacOS 7 to 9 and WIN98/ME but not with OSX, NT, 2k .... As Vista doesn´t tolerate writing to a program folder I don´t understand why Filemaker Adv doesn't provide an easy way to solve this problem. Some kind of starter file for all solutions that does this: 


            Check if the solution file is already copied to the documents folder. If not copy it to the documents folder else launch the solution file.