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Runtime Application - Design considerations

Question asked by arthursc on Sep 8, 2011
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Runtime Application - Design considerations


Hi All,

I have started to create an application and have the following questions before I proceed further and hope that I can have some easy to understand answers from members of this site. I'm fairly new to FMPro Adv 11, hence my questions.

Should I be considering file-separation - Layout.fp7(Layout designs) Data.fp7(Data-store)

How would I go about doing runtime updates without trashing users data? Is there a simple script that could be used.

What is the recommended window size that is cross platform compatible?

How can I create a demo that users could use locking it down to say 10 records?

How can I secure the runtime from illegal copying?

Where can I find a generic/template license agreement?

What is the recommended way to create a help file for the application.

Kind regards


A lot of questions I know but having got to where I am with creating the DB, I need to be sure that I have considered all the angles.