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    Runtime Error



      Runtime Error


      I'm running FMP Advanced 13.0v5 and trying to create a runtime application. Every time I try to build the Runtime, I get a "File in use or locked" message. The file is not open or running I can not find any file that is locked. I read about a "FMP Acknowledgement.pdf" file needing to be unlocked/read and write access. I found a few versions of that and I changed the status to "Read and Write" but that didn't help. I reloaded 13.0v5 again and that didn't help. What do I need to do to get a Runtime created?

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          I suggest describing step by step exactly what you are doing and exactly where in this process you get that error message. That might at help us better guess where there might be a problem.

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            I have a FMP file called Schedule Planner. It is one database with 4 tables that are all related to a serial number. The file is currently not open. I went to Tools>Developer Utilities. I added the Schedule Planner file, created a new folder and only checked the "Create Runtime solution application" in the Specify Solution Options window (screen shot attached). After clicking "Create," I get the "This file is locked or in use." message. On the Developer Utilities window, it shows Status: Copying Solution Files..... Internal Runtime Libraries    info.plist.

            I'm running Mac OS X 10.10.3