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    Runtime error PLEASE HELP!!!



      Runtime error PLEASE HELP!!!


      Happy New year to all::::


      I created a runtime program with .. FM pro10adv ... Win/7.. It has worked for over year now . I have several Kiosk with this Runtime working on them .. Today I noticed on one <just one of them> I get an error saying " Filemaker Runtime expired" What cause this? Or how can I fix this?  The Runtime will start up and then a box will come up with this error and if I hit ok ..it closes the Runtime>? 


        Anyone every had this to happen to them..


                     Thank you, 


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          It's not a standard Filemaker error message that I recognize. Any chance that there's a script using show custom dialog to pop up this message?

          If so, you'll need to examine that script to determine why this is happening. You can launch FileMaker advanced without opening any files, then enable the script debugger, then use open file to open this file to watch for any scripts that might execute automatically when the file opens. Not only might this enable you to see what script is displaying this message, you can then use the debugger to halt the script before it closes the file so that you can then fix the problem.