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    Runtime error!!!!



      Runtime error!!!!



      I have the filemaker pro advanced 13.0v3 installed on windows 8.1.

      Everything works fine, except when i want to create one runtime of my database i have this message:

      "Unable to find the Runtime resources needed to create a runtime. Please reinstall"

      What should i do? Any solution?

      Do i need to install something on windows or there is any file to insert inside the filemaker folder?

      I will appreciate your answers. Thank you in advanced

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          FileMaker Advanced has to find and duplicate a bunch of files in order to produce the run time copy of your solution. This error message indicates that it was unable to find at least one of those files in order to duplicate them.

          You may need to re-install FileMaker Advanced to make sure that you get all the correct files in all the right places before trying to do this again.

          If that still fails, I suggest re-posting over in Report an Issue reporting this as a possible bug. There are techs that work for FileMaker that monitory that section and they might have info others don't on what might be at fault here.

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            i've made this lot of times, changed to windows 7 and 8 and have no success, please help us...