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Runtime External Datasource

Question asked by Padster on Mar 27, 2012
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Runtime External Datasource



I'm looking at creating a Runtime solution that would be deployed to customer sites. the problem that i am looking at to get this to work smoothly is that there will be data that will be updated on a regular basis, upt to 3-4 times a month. The problem that this poses is that once the Solution is install, it will become out-dated very quickly.

The thoughts that I was having was to create a link to a hosted MySQL datasource that is kept live and up to date at all times. then, periodically, the runtime solution would 'dial home' and update its internal table with the data from the MySQL hosted table, thus keeping the file up to date with all the current information.

Now, in-house, in regards to the file connecting and updating, this is fine and I don't have a problem doing this, as creating a link via a DSN is fairly simple, from there is it just a stored import process that checks and update existing or added missing records. 

The problem that I'm having is relating to the Runtime Solution as a remote site making this connection. 

I will not have access to the customers machine and cannot set-up a DSN on their machine that will handle the communication back to the MySQL datasource. The main problem here is that the MySQL drivers are not standard as part of windows or Mac OS X, this means to start with they would have to be installed, after that the DSN would then have to be created (this can be done through a cmdline script so is not outside of the rhelm of possibiltiy). 

What this means though is that the end user has control over the connection as it is part of the OS in the ODBC connector.

As a question, there are two parts, 

1. Is it possible to get filemaker to store DSN information that can tehn be access 'intenally' (to the runtime) and not be dependant on an OS configuration

2. Is there a way to get Filemaker to performa 'dial-home' that does not require a DSN to be configured, thus filemaker connection to an external filemaker DB.

hope this makes sense