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    Runtime for Windows, from Mac, without Windows



      Runtime for Windows, from Mac, without Windows


      A couple of years ago I developed a FileMaker database for a client. I'm on a Mac, he's on a PC. Someone at the time told me how to create a runtime version, from my Mac, that would run on the PC, without binding the database using the PC.

      I did it and it worked fine. My non-techie client is still happily using it.

      My problem is, I cannot remember how I was told to do it, and all the commentary I read here and in the knowledgebase claims it cannot be done. 

      However, I did it.

      Does anyone know how this can be done?

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          You must have been using windows of some sort on your Mac, parallels? one of the windows emulators they used to have...

          You simply can't do this on a Mac and get a windows run time otherwise.

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            I didn't have Parallels nor Fusion installed at the time.

            I was shown how to do it and it worked.

            Someone else on this forum knows about it, as there was a post about it last year: 

            posted 5/13/10 by Jade

            >Hi Blur,

            > Ralvy is right.  However, it appears as if you can bind a Windows version on a Mac by swapping the Mac Runtime folder with the Windows Runtime folder >(see message 9 of 12 here).

            The problem with this post is the link Jade listed no longer works.

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              That method only works once you've first created a run time folder on a windows system. The folder Jade refers to contains the runtime .exe file that must be "bound" to your run time FileMaker file on a Windows system.

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                That bad link appears to be here now:

                Mac OS - Runtime Problem

                I haven't tried any of it yet, wonder where exactly the guy got the "patch" (or if I could dig the folder in question out of my dual-platform installer)

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                  The patches refer to updaters and fixes that can be found on the downloads link at the top of this page. As I read that thread, there is still no way to create a runtime from both platforms from the same OS. You have to create a runtime for Mac on a Mac system and a runtime for windows on a windows system. With a mac that can do parallels, you can do both, but you are switching Operating systems between mac and windows to do this and that's essentially the same thing.

                  Even if you could, I wouldn't recommend this. There are  few small differences between how Mac and Windows verisions of FileMaker work. Without having both systems to test the files on to make sure layouts and other features are properly designed to work with both platforms, you would risk releasing a runtime that doesn't work on the other system.

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                    Me again...

                    Well, ok, I found something and tried it, but I have no Windows machine to try the results on.

                    I downloaded this file, unzipped it, looked at the folder ("Internal Runtime Libraries"), didn't think it would work, closed the browser windows where i found it, then decided I'd give it a try anyway. Please note that while the file set was intended for FMP11, I used it with FMPA10(.0v3).

                    So, I found the "FMI Runtime Resources" folder with the original Mac "Internal Runtime Libraries", renamed that orignal by adding a "(MAC)" to the end. I then dropped a copy of the Windows Internal Runtime Libraries folder in alongside the original. I restarted FileMaker and did the usual things to produce a standalone runtime solution thing with a simple 78k file.

                    While I specified a name for the result, the actual applications are named "untitled" (perhaps I was too quick to finish and neglected to name them).

                    The folder contains an "untitled.app" that seems to work properly on the Mac. It ALSO contains an "untitled.exe" that, when opened as a text file, looks like a Windows application ("MZêˇˇ∏@∫¥ Õ!∏LÕ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode."

                    The resulting runtime folder, while the Win files were active, is 272.1mb, while the original mac-only version is 105.8mb. (Do Windows runtime solutions always have thrity-some files in the folder?) In any event, without being able to actually try it, this LOOKS like a cross-platform solution. Now, if only I had a Win box to try it on...

                    I've renamed the original set to it's original name and appended a "(WIN)" to the Windows file set folder, and now need to find someone with a Windows machine who is willing to try to run it. If anyone else tries this, please, please, post your results.

                    I had to do some re-searching, since I'd closed my source windows, but this link appears to have the correct/same file set:


                    And of course, if you try this and are transported to an alternate dimension and eaten by large insects, or anything else bad happens, I can take no responsibility. Please do post results though, we're not the only ones that could use this.