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Runtime Gets: "Application Configuration Is Incorrect"

Question asked by Contour on Sep 10, 2009
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Runtime Gets: "Application Configuration Is Incorrect"


I have a runtime application that has run successfully on a particular Windows XP PC since first built with FMP 8.0  About three years ago, I installed a version 8.5 build and several updates since then.  All ran without problems.  Now I'm trying to install my latest runtime built with FMP 10.0  The install appears to work fine, but when the App.exe tries to start, it gets the message "Application configuration is incorrect".


Can someone offer some possibile causes of this message?  Everything "looks" fine as far as the installed directory structure and contents.  I've tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, of course ... plus combinations of rebooting and disabling the virus protection software.  Nothing has helped.  The Operating System is XP SP3 and the PC has 1Gb of memory and 2Gb of free disk space.


It's also worth mentioning that my FMP 10 application runs on a dozen different PCs, which are a mix of XP and Vista.  This problem has never come up on any of those installations. Likewise, this current target PC runs dozens of different applications with no problem.


Thanks in advance for any help.