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Runtime interaction with remote file through Web viewer

Question asked by DLW-BPEX on Apr 23, 2010


Runtime interaction with remote file through Web viewer


I am trying to develop an easy-to-use product activation scheme whereby the runtime solution calls up an IWP-based external .fp7 file on my hosting service. (This is done through a typical IWP login within the Web viewer.) The user inputs the purchased Product Key and desired Account Name. The external file calculates and returns a temporary password. The account name and temp p/w are written to the user's db file, with the option to change the p/w and re-login.


This allows the external file to check for Product Key dupes (or, more accurately, exceeding of the maximum number of licenses if > 1).


Of course I have left out several detailed steps. Preliminary trials with a native .fp7 file suggest that this should work. And I realize that runtimes are not networkable. But still, since this would be done via interaction through a Web viewer within the runtime, will it work?


Before I spend a lot of time and hair-pulling effort designing it, any insights will be appreciated.


Thank you.