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Runtime is met with "file is not modifiable"

Question asked by ralvy on Jan 6, 2010
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Runtime is met with "file is not modifiable"


Just got an email from a runtime client telling me they get the "file is not modifiable" message when starting up their new application on Windows Vista. I haven't talked with them yet, but after reading some threads on this problem on the net, I see people talking about not letting Vista users install a runtime to the "C:\Programs Files" folder under Vista. Apparently this error is what will result when attempting to run the runtime, even though it successfully installed. This is the default install target I supply with my installer.

The Guest Account Permissions (the only way the user can log in) are set to [Data Entry] for all involved FM files, so I know it's not an FMP permissions problem.

Also, the client was previously running this runtime in a dedicated folder in another location before, where is its files were manually copied to that location. No error messages when that was done. But I'm now packaging the runtime in an .exe installer executable.

Assuming this is really just a problem of installing to the Program Files folder, what folder are people using for their runtime installs? One suggestion was My Documents, the other was a unique folder directory under C:\, like C:\MyApp. I'd settle for the former, but putting this under My Documents seems very odd to me. I really don't like the latter, as I would naturally shy away from installing at the top level of the OS drive. Perhaps I can the user's "Start Menu\Programs" folder.

Any ideas?