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    Runtime issue



      Runtime issue


           I've created 2 runtime versions one for Windows which works great.  When I clik on the .app of the Mac version the icon in the folder flashes for a second and nothing opens.  Any suggestions?

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               Is there a startup script set via File OPtions that runs when the file opens?

               Did you test the database on a Mac before you produced the run time? Did it work?

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                 Actually the Runtime version for both platforms work fine. However, I am having to distribute the app via Dropbox.  When I move the app into my dropbox folder and run form there it works fine.  When I go to the dropbox website and send the app to myself as a link and then download.... that's when I have the problem.  Have you seen that before?  Any ideas.

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                   Nope. Are you putting the entire runtime folder into drop box?

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                     I am putting the whole folder into dropbox.  This is the script that is attached to OnFirstWindowOpen in the File Options

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                       Nothing there that should cause the program to quit.

                       When you tested this, did you doubleclick the database runtime file or the application runtime file?

                       If you were doubleclicking the database runtime file, were there any other runtime solutions present on that mac system? If so, did the database file in that other runtime have the same file extension?

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                         I clicked on the file with the .app extension.  There is another runtime verison of a  different app altoghether and it with the same .fmpur extension but it was not running.  It is in a different folder.  There is also the exact same runtime solution in a different folder that is my maste that i use for testing

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                           So much for that idea then. When you doubleclick any document--the runtime database file is no exception, the OS has to select the correct application to use to open the file. But since you are doubleclicking the app file, this should not be the issue.

                           What's a real head scratcher here is that it only failed when you downloaded from the drop box website. Since this should simply copy the files from the drop box account onto your machine, this shouldn't change the behavior of the files and pulling from your drop box folder after the file was put in the drop box folder on another machine should go through exactly the same download process.

                           Makes me wonder if one or more of the files got "munged" during the download over the internet. Did you try this just once or several times?

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                             ZIP the folder and test - have not used Dropbox enough and seen enough problems to know better.

                             You are sending files across the internet, some work - .html, .png, .doc  but not all. Zipping or encasing in an installer or dmg is required

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                               Zipping the solution is a good idea. If nothing else, the file will download more quickly.

                               I regularly use Drop Box to put FileMaker files up--both as off site backups and to share files with others. I have yet to have a problem with them, but I have never put up an entire runtime solution in drop box.

                               I would think that would work just fine, but even FileMaker Techs have been known to tell people here in this forum to download a new copy of an installer or updater when someone couldn't get the software to install or update correctly.

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                                 When you refer to installer are you talking about rebuilding the runtime and resending?

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                                   I am referring to the fact that even the installers/updaters that Filemaker Inc distributes electronically do not always download and function correctly, necessitating a new download of the same installer before the user reports success.