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Runtime Maintenance.

Question asked by TKnTexas on Feb 26, 2010
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Runtime Maintenance.


I have been working with FMPro10Adv for over a year now.  I have been developing runtimes for my use on my charge where Filemaker Pro is not an approved program, Access is.  I have a runtime for tracking the utilities for our multilocation company.  On a weekly basis I enter to the AP Master table, using the account number as the link between the Utility master and the AP master (with a child file AP detail-gl distribution).  I have been exporting the weekly invoices entered from the child file (for the details) and up loading to the accounts payable program we use.  For two years all has been well. 


Periodically the only maintenance I have done is to save a compacted version of the file, then replacing it.  Not only am I using this as a training tool to learn to build a runtime application, but it is a way of testing how one will behave in real use. 


After doing my weekly input, I tried to do the export.  I export 7 fields, 4 from the parent, 3 from the child.  Export is to an Excel worksheet. 

I select the file to use (always the same name), answer the prompt for overriding with Yes.

I enter through the next screen.

As I go to the screen to select the fields, it crashes. 


I opened and repeated the process.  WIth the same results.  I am using my runtime on XP SP3.  I had to have that export today, critical for my job.  So I copied it to my Mac where I opened it with the Filemaker Pro Adv 10 program.  I used Recover.  Then I did my exports. 


I put the recovered file on my XP machine.  It opened fine.  I tried an export all was fine. 


Sorry for the long explanation.  But when I start selling my runtime applications how do my customers handle a problem like this.  Do they have to send it back to the developer?  As the developer what have I overlooked.