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Runtime records scrambled

Question asked by CaraByrt on Apr 28, 2013
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Runtime records scrambled


     Hello all, I'm wondering if anyone has encoutered a problem like this.

     I have created a database for a community group to store photos and related information. The other users don't have FileMaker, so I made a runtime solution. At the moment, the runtime has only been used by myself and one other user. The other user has been adding and deleting records.

     There are 2 main tables, linked by the site number. So a record for site 1 has address details; and related records for 1a and 1b have the photo, date taken and so on.

     The runtime works fine for me, but when used by the other user, it works fine for a few days then seems to get corrupted. This has happened twice. The links get scrambled, and site 1 shows photos for 5a and 7d.

     The other user and I are both using Windows 7. The database contains about 1600 photos and takes up about 1 GB. The runtime has been updated once, when I opened the old runtime, made a design change, and created a whole new runtime.

     Is this just a random corrupt file, or a sign of something not set up correctly?