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Runtime request:  add save to PDF.... PLEASE!

Question asked by DerekCosta on Jan 2, 2015
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Runtime request:  add save to PDF.... PLEASE!


I read in another thread that FileMaker chose not to license PDF technology for runtime solutions... I am wondering if this might be added in the future?  

I'm asking because I'm creating a runtime solution for my job and team of peers, and I created an awesome system that creates reports and sends them via PDF with one click, including weekly scorecard reports with summary reports for all areas in which we are scored, among other things.  I did this with a combination of FileMaker scripting and AppleScript... it turned out really slick, worked perfectly!  

This issue I ran into is that, when converting my database to a runtime, I noticed that my Save To PDF script steps were all cancelled.  I would understand if this was a true limitation of the runtime solution, but to hear that this was a decision by FileMaker is upsetting because this made over 20 hours of a work a complete waste, and it isn't like FileMaker can't spare the money to license PDF tech... you're owned by Apple, after all! 

Not to sound like a complainer, but please PLEASE license PDF technology and push it out in an update!  My solution went from a slick piece of sexiness to something thats entirely too manual.