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    Runtime Security



      Runtime Security


      I'm getting ready to distribute a runtime FMP 10 solution. After reading what I could, and experimenting with various options in File Options and Manager Accounts/Privileges, it seems like this works in terms of locking down the solution:


      1. In Manage Accounts/Privileges for each file, activate the Guest account, and assign it Data Entry Only.

      2. In File Options for main file, check Login using Guest Account.

      3. Create a Runtime with Admin privileges removed.


      Do I understand this properly?

      Anything I should be aware of in regards to this?

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          Steve Wright



          Step 1, sounds about right, been a while since I checked what I set there on my solution

          Step 2, this helps prevent dialog boxes and ensures your solution logs itself in using the correct assigned account 

          Step 3, is an absolute must have setting unless you want your hard work exploited


          Also, something to consider when compiling an install it helps to create a registry entry for username, this prevents it popping up on first load asking for their username causing less confusion for the end user wondering what they should be typing in there.....


          If you use INNO Setup for distributing (free installer package which is very good) you can use the following line under



          Root: HKCU; Subkey: Software\Filemaker\Runtime Name HERE\10.0\Preferences; ValueName: "User Name"; ValueType: string; ValueData: runtime (or your username choice)



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               Doesn't configuring the Account Permissions to Login With Guest Account take care of the problem with a User ID Popup when they load the solution?
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              Steve Wright

              That takes care of the login yes


              However, what I meant was when you first start a filemaker runtime solution, on a PC which has not had filemaker installed
              the end user will be asked to enter a user name (not username / password)


              This only happens once on first run, but can lead to confusion and initially caused a lot of calls where the user wanted to ensure they entered the correct info.


              Screenshot :  http://i563.photobucket.com/albums/ss76/sws-solutions/Capture.png


              Of course, it doesnt actually matter what they enter if you are re-logging them in using preset details, but its one less dialog box for them to worry about, I also found it could sometimes end up behind other windows and not be immediatly visible, so the user could be wondering why nothing is happening, not realising it is waiting for user input.




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                Ah, yes. I know about that one. I'll probably just warn them about it in the accompanying documentation. I want to thank you for the reference to Inno Setup. It really looks very useful.


                Does it matter if they enter a username that doesn't match the one Windows sees for them?

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                  Steve Wright

                  It makes no difference what they enter from what I remember.... I preset it to runtime and have done for a few years now without any issues.

                  Inno Setup is a very good system, especially considering its free of charge.