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Runtime solution limitation

Question asked by beemerang on Nov 18, 2014
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Runtime solution limitation


Hello All,


I am brand new to Filemaker so please bear with me if my questions are a little silly. I am planning to develop a Filemaker solution for a client but had planned to distribute it as a runtime solution as the client would definitely not be interested in purchasing Filemaker for themselves.

The setup would be straight forward: The main Filemaker database on a desktop computer with 3-5 users accessing it from iPads on the same wifi network. However, I read on the Filemaker website that a runtime solution cannot be shared over a network which gives me some cause for concern. Does this mean that the users will not be able to use their iPads to add and edit records on the main database? If this is the case I'm really stuck as I bought Filemaker specifically for this and similar projects. Secondly, it appears that no graphing can be done within a runtime solution. Does anyone have a workaround for this as I would like to be able to present important information such as daily takings etc in a graph format.

Any advice would really be appreciated.