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    Runtime Solution Password Recovery Options..??



      Runtime Solution Password Recovery Options..??


           I've got a FM solution that I distribute as a runtime.  I have 2 accounts included with the runtime:  admin and user.  Our users use the user account, and the first time they sign in it has them set their own password.  This all works fine.

           People forget their passwords, though, and the only answer I've had for them is to uninstall and re-install the software.  Obviously, this is not ideal.

           I'm looking into this a little more now and I see there is a script step for resetting an account password.  This looks nice, but we'd still have to be signed in to some other account in order to get access to the script, right?  We could at least do a screen share with the person, log in as our admin user, and then reset it for them, but we can't guarantee 24x7 support, so that's not ideal either.

           Is there some other method I could use to make this work nicely for everybody involved?

           I was thinking it would be nice to hook the user account system up to the user's local computer instead of using the built in FM accounts.  That way they could manage all their usernames and passwords on their operating system, and those would then work to sign in to FM.  I'm not finding any information about anything like that, though.

           Any information on how I could handle this in a nice way would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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               When they change their password, have it emailed to you?  Or emailed to themselves?

               When they change their password, have them write it down in three places and tape one to the ceiling?

               There are commercial filemaker recovery software, have never used one.  Explain that they will have to buy the utility if they lose it?

               About Passwords  http://fmforums.com/forum/topic/56971-create-a-password-field/

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                 A little human engineering may be in order such as making it a policy to bill them for the time you spend restoring the password. That compensates you for your time and encourages them to not lose track of the password. A simple piece of paper kept in a safe or locked file cabinet (safe is better if info is truly sensitive)--and this something you can recommend to them should be all they need to keep this from happening.

                 And you might want to strip out the admin account from the run time and use a non-admin account combined with a script (set to run with full access permissions) to reset their password for them so that your run time copies are better protected.