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Runtime solution reports "Cannot load main dictionary"

Question asked by NZPatrick on Dec 9, 2008
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Runtime solution reports "Cannot load main dictionary"



I have a Filemaker 9 runtimed solution running in over 80 locations but I am getting sporadic instances of users getting the message "Cannot load main spelling dictionary".This has only occurred with XP and Vista users, not Macs.I have tried selecting different dictionaries in the user's machine, no luck. I have reruntimed the files, no change I have replaced the runtime with an FM8.5 one, same result. Replacement files show the same problem ie it must be in the originals somehow.The files have been recovered, same result, the same files work fine back in our office (on Macs)I have tried listing this on Tech Talk, no progress there either.


Can you offer any advice?




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