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Runtime Solutions - Steps After Creation

Question asked by LisaCamilleri on Oct 10, 2013
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Runtime Solutions - Steps After Creation


     Hi All,

     First forum post ever, so bear with me!  

     I'm trying to create a stand alone database that we can distribute out to as many end users as we want.  I've followed all the instructions that come with FileMaker help.  In the process of doing so I get an error message that says particular files can't be found, but it continues to go through and create the folder and files (with the 3 character extension I created) inside it.

     I then don't know what to do with it - strange as that seems.  The runtime solution will work on my Mac, as I have FileMaker Pro installed.  I have tried sending just the file with the extension I created to my email address to see if I can open it up on my iPad .. but no luck.  Where do I go from here?  Do I need to send the entire folder to email?  I don't really get how that would create an application for the end user to read through/filter though.

     For the record, I only need to create runtime solutions for Apple based OS.

     Thanks in advance!