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    Runtime Toolbar



      Runtime Toolbar


      Is there a way to highly modify (maybe Help/About only) or eliminate the default FMPro toolbar (File..Edit..View..etc.) in a runtime solution when a non SuperUser logs in? I am able to hide the Status Area from the user, but can't seem to be able to get rid of the default window toolbar.

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          You can use custom menus to design menus that only have the options you want the user to have. Then you can use a script that checks the account name and uses install custom menu set to change the custom menus specified so that a super user gets access to the full menus and the normal access level users do not.

          There are also settings in Manage | Security that limit the available menu options so you might check out that option first in case that gives you a sufficient level of control over the menus to get what you want without having to set up custom menus.

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             Thanks.  The Manage-Security only seems to allow to select a "Minimum" toolbar which is still too much.  Once I used your suggestion to setup the custom toolbar then use a script step to instanciate it based on the user permissions, it works great in the Runtime.  It may be a designed in function, but with I use FMP11 to open the single item toolbar, it adds on "Tools".  I'm assuming so I can get to the toolbar if I need it to protect me from myself :)