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    Runtime Version



      Runtime Version


      Hi, I am a newbie (5 hours old). I bought FM10 Advanced because I want to create runtime pgms for a room of users. When I read the new manual it looks like this version is not multiuser but standalone. Did I make a mistake, I thought documentation said up to 10 users?

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          Filemaker can peer to peer 10 copies.

          Filemaker runtimes are single user and not network capable. 

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               So how does one sell programs that are client server and protect IP?
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              Steve Wright

              Are you going to be selling a single solution (aka shrink wrap / vertical market)


              If so, consider contacting filemaker about becoming a member of FBA with an SBA(Solution Bundle Agreement) 

              This lets you bundle filemaker with your pre-approved single solution, to become a member you need to send your completed solution to filemaker for review.




              You can still remove all admin access privileges from a file to be distributed this way 

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                   Hi, thank you! That looks like an excellent avenue, and I will take advantage of it when my product is developed. My outstanding concern is over protecting my database, code and layouts from prying eyes when I let people use it. Is there any way to lock that out from the users with the ordinary license or is that what you meant by taking away admin priveleges?
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                     Minor quibble: Filemaker 10 hosts 9 copies. The host counts as the tenth copy.
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                       A file that lacks Admin Privileges doesn't leave anyone a way to access the code. Not even you.
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                      Steve Wright

                      If you don't remove admin privileges, it doesn't matter how obscure the password, anybody can gain access to the scripts / layouts using a password recovery tool.  


                      If you do remove them, there's simply no admin password to recover full stop.  And that's a good thing

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                           As developer, you keep a copy with the admin privileges intact for developing fixes and updates but distribute a copy with it removed to your clients.
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                          I think I follow.

                          So the best way to do it, would be save full admin on the working file but copy it to another name and take away admin priveleges and distribute the copy.

                          Is that what you are saying?

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                            You should keep "golden master" clones of all files you deliver to your clients/customers anyway. In this case, such a master would also be the copy that still has an admin account.

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                              Steve Wright

                              Yes. Its also a good idea to have scripted import / export routines in place.

                              If theres a problem, you wont be able to go in and edit the file to fix it, so would have to send them a new file which they import their data into.


                              We have been doing it this way for years, to a point where our solution can now perform its own updates from our web server automatically (if they click a button of course to start the process)


                              Something else we do, is at least give our self access to layouts for all the base tables and access to the standard filemaker menus.  This helps us diagnose any issues, perform 'customised' imports, replace field contents etc.. All of which are locked out by default.

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                                Thank you.

                                I appreciate everybody's help.

                                I now know what to do.

                                Its time for me to wade into the manuals and find out how to do it.

                                I have never been a member of a developer community before. This has been a very positive experience.