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    Runtime Windows 8 touch portal fail



      Runtime Windows 8 touch portal fail


      We normally program for iPads and iPhones only, but I made a runtime version for a client who wants to use our product on a Windows 8 tablet. As it turns out, it appears that you cannot scroll in portals- atleast in this case. I played with all the settings for the portal- showing vertical scroll bar, etc - to no avail.

      My question is, is this a limitation of the runtime version for Windows 8 or a limitation of FileMaker on Windows 8 when trying to use a touch screen? I am tempted to buy a full license for our Windows 8 testing tablet, but I figured I'd ask here first in case that isn't going to work.


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          Run times scroll portals just like the regular Filemaker. If the tablet doesn't let you scroll the portal, you either have a possible bug to report in Report an Issue or you are trying to use a "swipe gesture" to scroll the portal like you would in FileMaker Go on an iOS device instead of dragging the scroll bar "thumb" up and down like you would with a mouse as FileMaker Pro (runtime, pro or advanced) does not, to my knowledge, support gestures.