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Runtime with Import problems

Question asked by TKnTexas on Jul 24, 2009
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Runtime with Import problems


I am so confused on this point:  IMPORTING.  I am creating a runtime to supplement our ancient accounting system by building a searchable check register.  I cannot install Filemaker on my work computer (not an approved application).  So I create a runtime that I can use to do my tasks.  I am just not grasping the IMPORT script step. 


Every time we print checks, we print the check register to a spool file.  I have had some successes in my calculations and other script steps, but not with importing.  I want to make it totally seamless to end-user once the question of check date is answered.   


I apologize for the length.  I am just going to give as much information to make it easier to garner some help on this. I have developed a run-time schema that has a master folder (SPARTA) with sub-folders for each run-time that I use.  The path looks like:






The spool file of each check register is placed into the download folder.  The $$filename is "apckrgMMDDYY.ap".  MMDDYY is the check date.  I have scripted this in small easily tested modules.  In the file there are two tables:  1) IMPORT and 2) FINAL. 


Since the import file is a full of garbage records I import to IMPORT and do the clean up there.  After all of the garbage is gone, I can easily move the information to the FINAL table. Here is what I am doing:

1)     Delete all records in the IMPORT table. 

2)     Prompt for the check date, which is stored in a global.  I am still learning about using variables. 

In my IMPORT step I have:       

GOTO layout IMPORT_SCREEN which is in my IMPORT table.       

SET VARIABLE step I create the file name from the gCheckDate field.        

IMPORT for all file types with a path of file:sparta/download. 


There I get "apckrgMMDDYY.ap cannot be found and is necessary for the completion of this script".  It does reference the correct filename based on the date.  I click OK and I am at the /SPARTA folder.  I move to the download folder and manually import.  Each row of the text file goes into one record one field.  Calculation fields parse out the data correctly.   


The rest of the script completes by finding the blank rows, header rows, and such, deleting these.  I am left with the individual records for each check.  That is the correct found set. 


3)     I am ready for moving the records to the FINAL table.       

GOTO layout FINAL       

IMPORT for Filemaker Pro type records with a path of file:sparta/APCKReg/IMPORT

I get an error message 'file not found' and I am still in the /sparta folder.   


I am at a roadblock.  Once the records are in FINAL everything works as I want.  I love how ver10 shows summaries in BrowseMode.