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Runtime won't run on other computers

Question asked by JohnGianotti on Jun 1, 2012
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Runtime won't run on other computers


I have a vexing proble..  This is with Windows 7 and it involves a solution that was working fine on FM Pro v 11.  I have a runtime solution in which I have created a script to EXPORT records so that they may be shared amoung anyone who has the runtime version.

In FM 11 I distributed the solution to our club secretary and he was able to update the data and then used the EXPORT script to send all members the updated data which they could import into their runtime solution.

When I converted over to FM Pro 12 I recreated the runtime solution and distributed it.  Now the export script does not work.  He gets a message that there is no room on the disk and the disk is not available even though he as a few TByes free!

Any ideas?  I check the scripts and it did change the names of the exported files to the FIlemaker 12 extension.  I have done this in the past when moving from FM 10 to 11 etc and it always worked.