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Runtime: Open different database

Question asked by BatMan on May 26, 2010
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Runtime: Open different database


Hi FM gurus


is there a way to let the user open a different database file in a FM runtime solution (other than the one linked by default), replacing the one that is open already? The menu items for opening a database or creating a new one don't seem to make it into the runtime, so I guess that's not possible?


I'm using FM Pro 11 Advanced for Mac OS X.


The reason I'm asking is the following: The runtime solution consists of the app plus the database file (I include only one DB in the build options). A user might open the app itself from which the database file is opened automatically, OR he might click the database file and thereby launch the app. Now, what appears to be possible as well is copying the database file and open the copy instead of the original, by clicking that database file copy. The app then apparently works with that database. This is cool, and most probably a few users would like to do that with my runtime solution. The problem is that they need to know that this trick exists, so I'm looking for a way to allow them to open their database copy directly from the app menu.


I guess I could call an AppleScript from a custom menu item, that closes the app and reopens it via do shell script "open dbcopy.fp7", but that's probably the dirty way. Any ideas for a proper solution? I'd appreciate it!