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Safari Downloads blocked as Pop Ups

Question asked by JohnBrindley on Mar 31, 2014
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Safari Downloads blocked as Pop Ups



     We are using Filemaker 13 WebDirect as a parent portal solution to download things like pupil reports in PDF format.

     Our problem is that when a user clicks on a link to download a PDF using Safari it tries to open a new blank browser window to download the file. Safari blocks this as a popup and the user doesn't see anything.

     We are getting a lot of complaints that the downloads simply don't work. Now rather than have to tell every Safari user how to turn off the pop up blocker (which is all or nothing in Safari with no way to simply exclude the webdirect site) is there a way to turn off this behaviour centrally?

     The people we buy our Parent Portal support from say there isn't but I thought I'd open this to the community just in case.


     UPDATE - This behaviour is also seen using other browsers. On Safari on an iPad the links to the pdf's themselves don't work at all.