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Sales Back Order Script - Help needed

Question asked by margagb on Jan 23, 2014
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Sales Back Order Script - Help needed



     As I am no expert in scripting I am asking for some help. I'd like to create a script to process back orders, i.e. there are open line items on a sales order.

     For example: Order was placed for a quantity of 100. Only 20 were shipped. How do I create a script so that I can ship the remaining quantity of 80. I have set up ordered qty, received qty and back order qty in the line items table. I also have identified a line item status field. Apart from this scenario it is also possible that there will be multiple shipments against one line item, in other words it is possible that the back order quantity of 80 will require another few shipments.

     Any help how I go about scripting this will be highly appreciated. Thanks so much.