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Sales Followup Calendar For Existing Database

Question asked by dvmginc on Feb 25, 2010
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Sales Followup Calendar For Existing Database


Hello, we had a fairly extensive database built in Filemaker Pro 9. The primary use is as a sales database containing detailed info on our customers as well as a complete contact and sales history. Unfortunately, the salespeople do not have any method to schedule follow ups with their customers which is causing a lot of business to "slip through the cracks. I am looking for a product to use in conjunction with our existing database that will allow salespeople to schedule follow up contacts and view a daily, weekly or monthly calendar of the follow ups that they have scheduled. This seems like something that would be a fairly common need for a business but am having a difficult time finding anything that will work. I would be handing the implementation of this and have what would probably be considered an intermediate level knowledge of Filemaker. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.