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Sales Order Report layout issue

Question asked by BrettCollins on Sep 13, 2014
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Sales Order Report layout issue


Hi everyone, so I'm having an issue with a report that I've designed for doing sales orders. Everything works on the report, however because of the nature of the 'body' items repeating, the Subtotal / Total fields which are contained in a trailing grand summary appear at different heights on the page, depending on how many items its displaying. I've included an example with 2 records here.

My question is, how do I set it so the Total appears at the same place everything, regardless of how many records are displayed? One option I considered was copying the records to a temp table, and then if the number of records in that temp table was too low insert blanks to create enough space to force the totals to the bottom. That seems cumbersome tho, I figure there must be a more elegant solution.

Any ideas?