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sales quotes

Question asked by tombalmer on Apr 5, 2010
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sales quotes


Hi FileMaker peoples,


Does File Maker Pro allow you to set up a system where to can choice a particular product system to sell, and it will automatically pull the items into a quotation.




I work in solar energy sales(domestic) and installers (customers) are always asking for quotes on different sized system(kWp), different fitting style(in-roof & on-roof), and different layout out options (landscape, portrait, 2 rows of 6, 1 row of 12 etc etc). It is very time consuming. :-(.



I'm hoping with FileMaker Pro I can be more efficient than currently in excel, where i have to type each item, with article numbers, prices, description every time I need to offer a new quotation.  


There are over three thousand items in our catalogue.  Can File Maker Pro help me with this? 


Thank you for reading my question.


Take care. :-)