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Sales Tax Calculation Not updated when Changing Line Item Quantity or Price.

Question asked by RobertMcIntyre1616 on Jan 21, 2014
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Sales Tax Calculation Not updated when Changing Line Item Quantity or Price.


     I am using FM 12 and have a portal to add line items to it. There are no products the Items are entered on the fly (Quantity, Work Description, Price and Extended Pride)

     The problem with my calculation is that if you change the quantity or price of a line item in the portal every thing updates but the Test_tax field unless you re-enter the wo_tax_rate or make an entry in the wo_other_charges or wo_discount

     here is what my tables look like:

WorkOrder table


     wo_tax_rate                  Auto-enter Data, Always Validate (.0825)

     wo_charge                    Calculation Unsorted, from WorkOrders, = Sum (LineItems::li_extendedprice) [this works]



     wo_sub_total               Calculation Unstored, from WorkOrders, = wo_charge + wo_other_charges - wo_discount [this works]

wo_invoice_total          Unstored, from WorkOrders, = wo_sub_total + Test_ tax [this works but Test_tax does not update if you change Quantity or Price of a line item or add a new line item] no update is performed.]


     Test_tax                       Auto-enter Calculation replaces existing value, Evaluate Always, Always Validate 

                                         Round(wo_sub_total * wo_tax_rate;2) [this works until you change a Quantity, Price or add a line item it dose not update totals or change the original tax calculation.]


Relationship:               is set at follows: WorkOrders::_kp_WorkOrder_id    =   LineItems::_kf_WorkOrder_id

                                         Allow creation of records in this table (LineItems) via this relationship

                                         Delete related recorded in this table (LineItems) when a record is deleted in the other table


 line items table











My portal 







Portal settings: Filter Portal records: LineItems::_kf_WorkOrder_id    =   WorkOrders::_kp_WorkOrder_id

Allow deletion of portal records