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    Same field through out



      Same field through out


      I cant figure out how to be able to add a field to multiple pages. For instance Employee Name how do i make it appear automatically in staff,  , work order etc. Also is their another web site with helpful guides? Thanks

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          If the record with the employee name is linked via relationship to the work order and other records, you simply add the employee name field directly to the layout. (This assumes only one related employee name field.)

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            You should be linking your tables via unique, auto-enter, FM-generated serial numbers.  So your Employee table would have EmployeeID.  Then your other tables should hold the same EmployeeID field except just number, in which you select the employee via pop-up menu value list (based upon EmployeeID values from field in Employee and also display EmployeeName) and all values.  See value lists on setting it up. :^)

            Names should NOT be used to link relationships.  Once tables are properly related, place the EmployeeName directly on your other layoutl.  So Work Orders would have an EmployeeID field (number) with pop-up menu attached (of all employee IDs based upon the Employees table).  You assign a Work Order the EmployeeID.  When you do so, a relationship will be established and then ALL employee information will be available in the work order simply by placing the employee fields (any of them) on your work order layouts.

            I realize I explained this twice but sometimes saying the same thing in two different ways helps clarify.