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Same report for many people - filter by pick list

Question asked by SwissMac on Nov 18, 2010
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Same report for many people - filter by pick list


I often need to create a particular report for each individual staff member, giving them an overview of what jobs have been allocated to them. At the moment I am creating one report per employee that shows only that employees work allocation and which shouldn't be seen by colleagues. Even if I duplicate the reports and scripts I still have to change the layout, the script, then back to the layout again to update the script trigger and so on.

Since I'm using a computer that doesn't mind doing repetitive tasks for me, I wondered if anyone could recommend a way for me to create one single report, and then have a selection process of some sort in which the employee presses the button to call the script and is then presented with a dialog box of some sort so they can pick their own name from a list of employee names and then report is then generated based on that?