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Sample.fmp12 could not be imported. Error: .

Question asked by MarkEaston on May 6, 2012
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Sample.fmp12 could not be imported. Error: .



We are looking at using FileMaker Pro Advanced for our projects. I downloaded the trial version so that I could run the tutorial to see how it goes. But I am already stuck. 


When I try to open the tutorial I get the error message "Sample.fmp12 could not be imported. Error: ."


I am on Windows 7 Professional. I havethe File Maker Pro 12.0v1 Trial version.


If I cant even run the tutorial then that is not good. 


I looked at the Tutorial PDF and it said:


"Where to find the sample file

FileMaker Pro 12/English Extras/Tutorial
FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced/English Extras/Tutorial

You can also download the sample file from the FileMaker website by visiting:"
So, I went to the URL "" and that UR is not valid.
So the documentation is noty current either,
So in summary:
1. Cant open the tutorial
2. Documentation is incorrect
Not very good at all.
I will await a response to this message before I go and talk to others.