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    Sanner Automation



      Sanner Automation


           Hey Guys,

           So i have a Symbol LS22008 USB scanner. I have a inventory DB, what i want to accomplish is to be able to scan each piece of equipment without having to keep clicking perform find. For example id scan a computer then go to the next cube and scan the next computer without having to hit "perform find". Almost like a cash register.

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               You'll need to research the technical specs for your scanner, but the methods in this thread can probably be adapted to work with your scanner and FileMaker. We use this method for scanning Magnetic Stripe driver's licenses and the users just have to swipe the card and scripts performed by script triggers do the rest. (MSR readers and Barcode scanners usually operate in keyboard emulation mode and thus interact with the computer in exactly the same way.)

          Need help writing script to integrate barcode scanning