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Save As A copy

Question asked by KaraAmsinger on Dec 8, 2009
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Save As A copy




I have a database that I created using the Business Productivity Solutions template. There are 3 files: 1. Main Menu 2. Contacts 3. Email.


I want to write a script so that when the contacts file is opened it automatically (for each client) will save a copy on the clients computer on their desktop, so there is a hard copy for them in case the internet goes down.


Currently, we have our database on a virtual dedicated server running on Windows 2003 operating system, and we all access the database through File-Open Remote. In addition to this I know that in the scripting it will have to be for the path name: filewin for PC and filemac for MAC, and I will need it to be for both as we have 3 people accessing this database and 1 client uses pc and the other 2 clients use mac.


Please help!