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    Save As A PDF question



      Save As A PDF question


      I am using FMP 8.5 advanced on Mac 10.4. I have a layout that allows users to view records through a portal. I want to save as a pdf the records being browsed, but only get the first record. I have tried scripting to go to next without any luck and even if I'm in a record that is not the first one, I still get the first record as a pdf. I saw another post that suggested shortening the layout, but this didn't work either.






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          Did you select the records being browsed option when you chose "save as | PDF"?

          This is an option you can specify when selecting this option from the File menu and also when using this step in a script.

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            Yes I did.

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              I did notice that the records found says one when there 9 in the found set. 

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                What do you see when you preview this report? (You should see exactly what your PDF shows.)

                No matter the layout size. Save as PDF with Records being browsed specified should produce a PDF that has all the records in your found set. The subsequent records may be on following pages, but they should be there in both the preview and the PDF.

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                  I added an image of part of my layout that shows the number of records in the found set (1) and the number of records associated with the main record (9). If I Show All Records all 462 will be saved as a PDF I think because they are in the main database, I think the 9 that are in the secondary database aren't being saved because the script doesn't allow for related records, I think.


                  Does this make sense?

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                    Related records are a detail that would have been nice to know when initially answering your question. It sounds like your database is doing exactly what you are telling it to do--not what you want it to do ;-)

                    I can't tell from your screenshot how the related records are displayed on your layout. Are they displayed in a portal or...?

                    Going just from what I see in the screen shot, the "9 parts" may not even be 9 related records, they could be something else.

                    Keep in mind that Preview should produce the same results as Save as PDF. So once your layout design works to produce the results you want when you preview the report, Save as PDF should then work for you.

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                      I did mention in the original post that I was working with a portal, I should have been more specific. I guess I'll have to duplicate the layout in the related database. That would solve the problem. As you say the database is doing what I asked it to do. So I'll "rephrase" the question : )



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                        With a portal, you should see any records that you see in the portal while in browse mode without scrolling the portal. If you need to see all the portal rows, you must either create a very tall portal and set it to slide up \ resize enclosing part or as you posted, base the report on the portal table.

                        Here's a Demo file of a basic Invoice system created by Comment. If you examine how it prints an invoice, you'll find a good example of how to base a report on the portal table, but still include data from the parent records.


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                          Thanks, this helps.