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    Save as PDF - only first page



      Save as PDF - only first page


           How can I "Save as PDF" only first page of every record?

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               You have a page range option for saving PDF's just like you do for printing. If you specify page 1, that's what you will get.

               If you have a set of records and you want just page 1 for each record, all in one PDF, that will depend on the design of your database layout. You should be able to design a layout where there is only one page possible for each record in most cases.

               If all else fails, you can script a loop with Save As PDF saving only the first page, but appending that PDF to the previous PDF created in the loop.

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                 I want to make a booklet with list of places and list of persons living in each place.

                 I have a layout "Places" with portal "persons". I have 35 places. Almost every place fits one page with a portal (max. 8 rows / page). But I have also 3 places with 10 persons, so I need two-page portal to fit all persons.

                 I made two layouts - one for "small" portals and second for "big" portals. 

                 I made a script with "Save as PDF" and I have 35 separated pdf files.


                 Places are in the alfabetical order, so it is easy to find a place and informations. Now I want to make a table of contest to enable finding persons. At the beginning of the booklet I want to make a list of contest with names of the persons and with the page number where are informations about them.

                 Can I make auto inserting page number? Now I plan to importa all PDFs to Pages, insert manually list of persons at the beginning and manually write page numbers. But it could be great to have it auto, because changes are every few months.

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                   Since you use the number of records in your portal to determine whether you have one page or two for each place, it should be possible to set up a field for each Place record with a 1 or a 2 for the number of pages. Then a running total summary field that totals this field should show the starting page number for each place.

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                     Thanks a lot! Again! :)