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Save as PDF -- where are page size/scaling set?

Question asked by KevinPfeiffer on Apr 10, 2011
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Save as PDF -- where are page size/scaling set?


Perhaps I am missing something, but how does one:

1. Set scaling when outputing to PDF (or simply tell FM to "shrink to fit").

2. Alternatively, set PDF document page size

The specific problem: right side of layout is being cropped off the PDF page, which appears to be A4 -- presumably based on some printer setting (which seems perfectly meaningless in this context).

Changing FM's display magnification makes no difference that I can see. There must be a "shrink to fit" flag that one can set, but where?? Or else a "set PDF page size to match layout" option! But I don't see where.

Something else that would be nice (which I assume has not been implemented) would be an option to not print field backgrounds (fills).

-Kevin Pfeiffer [Windows 7; Filemaker 11 Pro]