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Save as pdf and attach to mail.

Question asked by RitteT on Jan 6, 2011
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Save as pdf and attach to mail.


Hi again.

Thanks for the previous help.

Now I'm trying to make a script that saves the current record as pdf and opens a mail with the pdf attached.

My script looks like this:

Set variable[$filename; Value:"file" & Get(skrivbordssökväg) & Anställd::Kundnummer]

Printer layout [restore, no dialogbox]

Send email [send by client; To:: Anställd::Email; Ämne: "Värdering"; "$filnamn].

I want to auto-generate a name to the pdf-file based on customernumber and then attach this pdf to a new mail, for every record.

I've two problems, I can't auto-generate filenames. I get "$filnamn" with the script above.

The second problem is attaching to the mail. Even if choose the script "send as mail" (default in FM), and choose which file I get a new mail without attachment.

Need some advice.