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Save as PDF and print

Question asked by nolak37 on Dec 27, 2013
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Save as PDF and print


     Hello all,

     I have a problem printing in my solution, basically when a user decides to print a record or record found set the script associated with the print button goes to a printing layout, prints and returns to the original layout.

     The problem I have encountered is that they are printing onto a form and even though I align things to print within the lines and boxes this regularly (about 2 times a week) needs to be realigned since it moves around and doesnt always print as its supposed to.

     I found that if I save as PDF and automatically open file after save I can print from acrobat or preview (on a mac) and this works perfectly always staying aligned.

     Question: Is there a way I can automate this to not only open the PDF file after opening but also print, close the file and leave the user back on filemaker?

     Using filemaker pro 11 on windows 7 pro