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    Save As PDF fails on Windows 7



      Save As PDF fails on Windows 7


           The server PC has been upgraded to Windows 7. The application running under Filemaker 11 now cannot save PDF files on the server giving File Permission errors. The user account on the workstation has full permissions on the folders in question, files can be created, renamed and deleted manually, but whenever Filemaker scripts try to do so the PDF files is not created, and error messages are generated.

           Before upgrade the file server was running WIndows XP and worked fine, there have been no changes made to the filemaker application.


           Help please.



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               What is the exact text of the "file permission error"? If it's the message that I suspect, this message really means that FileMaker was unable to create a PDF, it then suggests several possible causes--one of which would be a permission issue, but the most common cause of this error is an invalid file path or file name.

               My guess is that if this is a script that is saving your PDF's, that the filepath specified in your script needs to be updated to be a valid filepath on your new computer.

               Try this test before replying with the exact text of your error message: Go to any layout and use Save As PDF from the File menu to save a file to your desktop. If that works, then several possible issues with FileMaker and Adobe can be ruled out.