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    Save as PDF file size



      Save as PDF file size


      Is there a way to make the file size smaller when saving as PDF?


      I used to create a client contract via MS Word, then save that as a PDF to email the client. That file was usually around 500kb. Now I'm using FMP to create the contract because it's much easier but when I save as PDF the file size is 5 MB. Both files are similar in regards to layout, graphics, text, page numbers (1)...etc. So I'm assuming FMP is saving as a hi-res PDF somehow which is not what I need.


      How do I decrease the file size when saving as PDF?



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          Thank you for your post.


          At this time, it is not possible to reduce the size of a PDF file within FileMaker Pro.


          Please go to our Feature Suggestion web form at:




          Although I could easily copy your suggestion and paste it into this form, there are additional questions asked that only you can answer.  The information from this web form is sent to our Product Development and Product Management teams so they can consider and prioritize the suggestion.



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               I don't know if this would produce a more compact file or the same results, but you might try installing Adobe Acrobat and using it to "print" the layout (which will produce a PDF) instead of using FMP's built in Save As PDF option.
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                 When Save as PDF first came out in FM8, the file size was enormous compared to using a PDF printer such as Adobe Acrobat or PDF995. However since then, in the newer versions of FMP, the size has been reduced drastically. Now I tend to find that sometimes the PDF generated by Save as PDF can be smaller than one created by "printing to PDF"; other times its the reverse but all in all, they are not huge like it used to be.