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Save as PDF script fails

Question asked by RobPinhood on Sep 18, 2009
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Save as PDF script fails


I am trying to run a script to save a one page record as a PDF so it can be emailed, but the script does not work.  I can run each operation from the menu, and everything works fine. The PDF is created correctly.  Running the script produces no PDF file, and NO ERRORS.  I have added a wide range of custom dialog steps to display the values of the variables at every point, and everyhting seems correct, yet NOTHING HAPPENS!



Set Variable [$pdfFileName; Value:"CofC"&Database::RecordID&".pdf"]

Set Variable [$pdfFilePath; Value:"filewin://Svrname/VOL/SHIPPING/" & $pdfFileName"]

Save Records as PDF [Restore; $pdfFilepath; Current record]


I'm Stumped!!!  Does anyone see something wrong in the lines above, or have an alternate way to create this functionality?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


(Running FMPro 8.5 on WinXP Pro machines. 

Files are hosted on a Win SBS2003 server running FMServer 9.0)