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    Save as PDF Script Step Challenge



      Save as PDF Script Step Challenge


           I've been playing around with various options on the Save as PDF Script step and can't quite get to where I ultimately want. It's probable that I won't be able to, but I thought I would throw is out there.

           Does this script step allow for a way to get to the Save As Dialog box with a file name generated during the script step, but still allow the user to decide where to place the file? Using the Get ( DocumentsPath) function and a few other things in the $PathVariable does everything I want except it automatically saves it into the Documents folder without giving the user the option as to another location (in a "Save As" dialog box). If I deselect "Specify output file" in the Save as PDF script setup, I can't find a way to automatically name the document, but of course the user can name the file themselves and place it where they want. I guess I want this but with the file name pre-populated.

           Any ideas?

           BTW: PhilModJunk's tutorial on $Path variable in Script steps was a great help:  Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts


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               Thank you.

               Only option I can think of is to have the script copy the desired file name to the clipboard so that the user can paste the name into the dialog. That isn't very much help...

               You could provide the user with a list of locations to select such as in a value list.

               You can probably use a File manipulation plug in to get this level of control, you'll have to research plug ins if you want to go that route.