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Save As PDF the Sendmail... How do i?

Question asked by Stuee on Mar 21, 2011
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Save As PDF the Sendmail... How do i?



I want to set up a button to save the record as pdf to a folder either on my local drive c:/quotes or network   //BP_NAS/Work/Quotes

I would also like the pdf to be called the job number from field "Ordering::Order ID"

I did see this script and tried changing it but it keeps saying a error on the first line and cant work out what.

Set Variable [$FilePath ; Value: "file:" & Get ( /C:/Quotes ) & Ordering::Order ID & ".PDF"]
Save Records as PDF [Restore; no dialog; $FilePath ; current record]

If somone can rewrite it or point out where im going wrong i would appreciate it.



Here Is the link to how i have this setup.

when i press the button it opens the dialog to save this record, i press ofk and it does nothing.