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save as PDF wonky

Question asked by deltatango on Nov 23, 2009
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save as PDF wonky


I have a table that has 4 layouts (ways) of showing the data, depending on the type of record.


I created a script that goes through each record and depending on the type of record, switches the layout and then appends THAT page to the pdf.


What you end up with is a multiple page pdf file, but a different layout for each page of the PDF.


The problem is filemaker always appends the FIRST record of the found group to the pdf file, even though I have gotonextrecord script step in the loop. It is maddening. I don't have a bloody clue what could be wrong. When I go through the script with the script debugger, step by step (which I have done about 20 times now) I can see the script change the record number (go to next record), switch the layout based on record type, append the current record to the pdf and continue. But when I open the PDF file, it's all the first record.


Has anyone else had this problem?