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Save AS-  new file not identical w/r/t relationships

Question asked by MichaelM on Sep 7, 2010
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Save AS-  new file not identical w/r/t relationships


Good day-

For years I have found answers to most every problem I have w/o posting here.  But now I am stumped by what may be a bug? 

summary:  I have a database in which a relationship driven dropdown list works perfectly in the file in which it was origianly built.  BUT if I either change the file name, or do a SAVE AS to build a new file, that list no longer works.  

ALL tables are in the same file- i.e. no external tables.

more details:  our project mangers have lots of tasks they can do.  Every task has a vendor.  The datbase has "vendor table" with ALL vendors in it. If the task is an internal task, then the drop down box shows only internal vendors.  If the task is a design task, the drop down shows only design vendors etc.  Rightly or wrongly, I build the drop down box by relating a field in vendor table to a field in the task table with a helper table called tps_vendor_types.   (see the attached screen shot of the relationship graph)

so I build a value list from tps_vendor_types so every vendor is one of 3 allowed types.  (there are only 3 entires in the tps_vendor_types table)

then, dynamically I can build a value list of "available" vendors from the table relationships.  When a task is edited, only the appropriate vendors appear in the drop down box.

It works GREAT, until such time as I either do a save-as or change the name of the file that conains all tables etc.  In any file that does not have the name of the original developemnt file,  the value list of available vendors does not populate properly.

Any help out there?   

thanks-  michael