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Save checkbox values in a portal

Question asked by Anas on Mar 30, 2010
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Save checkbox values in a portal


Ok, lets make it simpler:


I have to tables (first: "SocialHistory", second: "MedicalExamination"), the second is related to the first by a "PatientNr".

There will be for example 100 patients (so 100 SocialHistories), but 140 MedicalExaminations (because a patient may come more than once to the same doctors office).

In the first table's layout i have checkboxes referring from the second table and an portal also to the second table.

I use this scriptScript

 to create a new record in the related table, and add the symptoms I found examining the patient.

Next time patient comes, they may be different, that's why I want to save the symptoms in the portal below (I made a calculation which is called "All_the_symtoms" and added symptoms from each organ.). But its not working. Performing the script for a second time creates a new empty record, but through the checkboxes i can only alter the first(!) record. The second remains empty.

Here's my layout: 

I know that the easiest way is to put the checkboxes in the portal, but it looks ugly. I want only to have a small synopsis of symptoms from the last visit in the portal.


I will appreciate your help.